Monday, May 9, 2011

Nature Is Fascinating Isn't It?

Nyasha loves to explore, but even more than that, she loves exploring in the dirt (but that's just my opinion). We both get a kick out of seeing what she finds in the deep recesses of the earth (well not that deep, but you know what I mean), and it's educational too! Well, as hot as it is today, (and it is hot let me tell ya!!), she decided to do some digging in front of our apartment (that's her official dig site), and she dug for about an hour or so but came up empty. Well, I shouldn't say she came up empty, but there was nothing in the dirt today that interested her much. She told me that she found a bug the other day (and I quote) "that just creeped me out". I just smiled to myself. She's soooo cute!!! In her findings today she told me that she found that same "creepy-looking" bug, (I still didn't get a chance to see it. I must see this creepy-looking bug), so she aborted the mission. For now anyway.

It makes my heart soar to see Nyasha happy, doing what she enjoys, and learning in the process. Marvelous!!!! This is the time when I feel confident that this is gonna work out after all. I feel relaxed. I feel knowing. I feel the presence of the Goddess surrounding me, encouraging me to flow and trust the process of life. These are the moments I savor. I expect more of these profoundly beauty-full moments in the near future. I expect these moments to turn into daily events. As I free myself they will flow naturally as they should.

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Majadi Baruti and Susan Mitchell said...

Peace and richest blessings, Tangela, this is Susan! I am so encouraged by your blog and am even considering returning to homeschooling when I return to Birnigham. We shall see. i love seeing Nyasha digging in the dirt, and she will find more and more as she learns of the properties that the earth contains. I remember doing the same thing as a child, spending endless hours with my fingers in the dirt and it was bring these times that earth magic and plant magic would infuse in me. I saw so many possibiities, there was nothing I felt I could not do. Everything is possible with this kind of connection, for it is tapping into a power that lives within us. I am so happy for Nyasha and you for living the life you want, Black Goddess Style, in the middle of it ALL! Ashe!