Monday, May 30, 2011

The Home Flag

Our apartment has a home flag. It was designed by Nyasha about three weeks or so ago. Just out of the blue she drew this flag and insisted that it be displayed somewhere in our apartment. She chose the spot behind the front door just above the peep-hole, so that we can see it when the door is closed, (and since we live in Miami, and summer is quickly approaching,  the door will be closed more often and for longer periods of time than I would like it to). Be that as it may, we are now owners of a home flag that is displayed proudly in our humble home.

Where did it come from? What moved her to do something like this? How did she come up with the choice of colors? Why did she choose a flag as a symbol?  I have no answers to these questions and the many more that are still going 'round in my head, but I must say that I am proud of my princess having come up with something so beauty-full, profound and so on point. I wonder who she gets that from? Hmmmmmmm?

 The colors of our home flag is pink, yellow and green. Pink is for love. Yellow is for feelings. Green is for
caring. In addition to the colors, on each side of the flag is flanked by smiley faces. How cute is that? My interpretation about  her making this visual representation, is her way of verbalizing her feelings about our "family life" as we journey into the known and the unknown together. I believe it's another way of her saying "I Love You Mommy", but in a more tangible way because it's seen everyday on the flag in hopes that maybe Mommy/I will really see how much I love her (I could be wrong 'bout that but that's just what I "picked up" when she presented the flag to me). And I do. I see it. I hear it. I feel it. I know that her love for me is real. The flag also helps keep loving energy hovering around our little apartment and it keeps me conscious of standing in and filling up with all that love that is 'round me. I feels great isn't, being loved unconditionally and more importantly being willing to give unconditional love in return. What a rush!!

I am sending out the energy of our home flag to each and every one of you, please take it there is plenty to go 'round. Here is to hopin' that your household is full of as much love, feelings and caring as our home.

Blessed Love!

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