Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Concentration

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just Add Light and Stir: Togetherness

Just Add Light and Stir: Togetherness: "Yesterday's quote was by Robin Bentley, but I misattributed it to Pam Sorooshian by sleepy mistake. Sorry. Today's quote is Pam Sorooshian..."

Friday, June 10, 2011

Life Is A Beach!

We had a wonder-full time at the beach today! I enjoyed myself immensely. I enjoy watching Nyasha having a fabulous time, it makes my heart sing! We decided that we are going to spend most of our Summer at the beach since I don't have the money to send her to camp. So, the beach it is!

I read a little while Nyasha was in the water. As you can see it was very windy today. The life guard informed me that there were rip currents so I called Nyasha out of the water which was perfect timing 'cause she would have stayed in the water for another hour. Overall, the day was a blast! I had a wonder-full time.

Nyasha found this crab when it washed up on a wave. Isn't he cute! The next wave came and he was washed back into the ocean.

We left the beach laughin' and smilin',  full of sand, (even though she rinsed off), a shade darker, and plannin' which days next week we'll be visiting again. We live about 5 blocks from the beach (isn't that great!) so basically, whenever weather permits we will be there. It's the little things that makes Nyasha happy and I'm glad to be a part of that happiness. I am glad she chose me to be her Mommy.

Monday, June 6, 2011

What The Heck! I Threw Out The Microwave!

For years now, I have been making great strides to live an authentic lifestyle. I'm learning and growing daily. Make no mistake this is a journey. Tara Wagner, in her e-book "Be Organic: An Invitation To Change Your World", feels that the word "authentic" falls short. She uses the word "organic" to describe this kind of  living.  Being organic, according to Tara, means "living, learning, and growing in a way that is natural to you and the world around you".  That's me! (I thought), that's what I've been doing all this time! It makes sense too, as  we are organic beings by nature, it stands to reason that we would live organically. But being that we are human and have a right use of will, we usually don't take the organic route. We tend to live an external lifestyle, looking for approval from everyone outside of ourselves. Whew!! Now that's hard work. Been there. Done that.

Once I read Tara's ebook,  I began to overstand why I made the changes I did, and why it is still important to me to continue to learn and evolve. I have always felt guided to live authentically, soulfully, organically (you chose the word). It just feels right to me, and I encourage Nyasha to do what she feels in her heart as well, to hear what the voice of  Spirit is saying to her. When I ask Nyasha what does your Spirit say? Or,  how does your Spirit feel? It amazes me the answers she gives sometimes. When we talk I usually use examples of my childhood to let her know (first of all that I was a child at one time), and secondly, to remind her that she can began to make choices for herself now, choices that ring true to her Spirit and her heart. I impress upon her that she will know if she made the best decision because it will always feel good to herself as well as those around her. I tell her to be sure not to choose it because it's in fashion or because everybody else is doing it, do it because you absolutely want to, because it's something that will make you feel good whatever the "it" might be. She overstands.

Since I don't just talk the talk, I actually walk the walk, I did something that would put me in alignment with my Soul urges or Spirit promptings. I began doin' some late Spring cleaning to clear out some the clutter from our home. I decided that I would become a minimalist (well I'm gonna be as minimal as possible). Today I threw out the microwave!!  I just didn't feel that I was living an authenic life by having one for all these years. I don't think I ever liked it.  So I threw it out. Well,  I put it on the curb in front of our apartment and put a sign on it that says "It Works". It was gone within an hour. Our microwave has another home. Yay! It's role in our lives have come to an end. The microwave is no longer needed, nor wanted at this juncture!

Now I don't know about ya'll but I didn't grow up with a microwave in the house, I'm a "Sixties Child", so it wasn't until the late 80's (I think, all I know was that I was an adult) when my Mama purchased one. Prior to that we warmed up our food on the stove or in the toaster oven, and that suited me just fine. Then came the microwave. It took us a while to get used to it, we could never remember that the microwave was there to warm up our food with less mess (no more pots to clean), quicker and more efficiently (while giving you a few jolts of radiation with every use).

When I moved out of my Mom's house again (for the second time or was it the third time),  I lived without a microwave until  2001, that's when my son, Demetrius (also know as Dee, he's the eldest of the three) bought one for me. Well, I think he felt my lifestyle was a tad bit archaic for his taste and decided he'd help me out by bringing  me up-to-date with my appliances. Goddess Bless him, he meant well.  Last year I gave the microwave  to a friend of mine when I got a smaller one from a neighbor who was moving (uh huh, that made a lot of sense). I think at that time I was ready to release my hold on the microwave but my ego won that round. You think?

Now I'm free!
Free! Free! Free to be me!
Living soulfully!
Living authentic!
Living organic!

You can find Tara at there you can pick up a copy of the ebook Be Organic: An Invitation To Change Your World