Thursday, May 17, 2012

Free Electricity Experiments

I was looking for some good electricity experiments for my daughter, and I came across some really great free videos from Supercharged Science. If you're doing electricity for science, this is worth checking out:

Drop me a line to let me know how you like them

Wordless Wednesday: Practicing Cursive

A Work In Progress

The Process Of Doubt

A year has come and gone since I'd begun this homeschooling/life learning journey, and at times it still feels as if I have not gained enough confidence in my ability to do this, in other words I still have doubt. Not long ago I read an article in Life Learning Magazine, and the writer, Marnie Black stated:

"Doubts are useful. They help us to consider, examine and re-examine our homeschooling and assess whether something needs to change." She also goes on to say, "I continue to climb my ladder of doubts. Old doubts are left behind, and new ones crop up all the time. I've come to accept that doubt is part of the journey, I just deal with it one rung at a time."

She refers to doubt as a ladder and that she deals with those doubtful feelings one rung at a time. Very good analogy, I thought, but not so easily done for me as I was wading through this powerful emotion accompanied by insecurity, fear, and anxiety. There was one consolation though, I wasn't alone in feeling doubt about this journey of life learning/homeschooling, that if I felt this way from time to time and Marnie Black has felt this way also, then there must be other life learning parents dealing with this issue of doubt too. There is a bit of comfort in that knowing that I am not alone, that I can relax.

Sometimes I feel that we haven't accomplished enough during the course of the day, or maybe I should have let her do a particular assignment for an hour instead of thirty minutes. Or, am I jumping in too much instead of allowing her go at her own pace, to learn what is interesting to her not what I think she should learn now. Isn't that why I took her out of the school system in the first place? Hadn't she suffered under that regime long enough?  Her mind was hardly ever in the classroom for more than a few minutes at a time, that always bothered the teachers. Each year I would hear from a teacher, "she's not focused, she daydreams all the time, or she just won't pay attention!" I wasn't defiance because she enjoyed going to school, I guess it was the technique, or just plain boredom. Whatever it was, I took her out of school so she would not have to be subjected to that kind of verbal torture, and here I find myself doing the same thing. Telling her to stay focused, have this done in thirty minutes, or you aren't paying attention. These are the terrifying voices from my childhood that tends to rear their ugly heads more often than I care to see them. That school-speak mentality. It's a struggle to keep them buried.

Once I get centered,  I realize that a power struggle is not necessary. With patience and guidance learning does happen. When I let go and allow her to learn, not force feed her lessons, she is full of surprises. Knowledge flows from her lips, research is done on a particular subject of interest, (she pays attention to details), and countless questions are being asked when we have our together time. Most of the time they are questions about my childhood and/or my life in general. She finds my life to be very interesting. I relax and flow knowing that I've made the best decision for us. I know that I made the decision from the space of love not desperation. I know that I'm not alone and that I never will be. Now, I don't stress the doubt, knowing that it's a check-in mechanism for me as I push steadfastly on this wonderful journey of life learning we have purposefully decided to embark. As I reflect i thanks for doubt for propelling me into my Goddess-Self of wisdom, security, patience and confidence. Yeah, I got this!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Happiness

A friend of hers gave her that stick about three years ago. Whenever she goes outside it goes with her.    

This is her favorite way to wear her hair. Crinkles!!  

Simple things like posing for the camera is a delight to her. Not to mention she's not camera shy either. LOL!  

What can I say? She a tween! 

In the words of Bobby McFarrin, "Don't Worry. Be Happy."

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fun Science Experiement

I'm always looking for decent hands-on science experiments to do with my daughter.  I came across this great project, and thought you'd appreciate it as much as I did. Your children build a miniature hovercraft out of an old CD and a water bottle - it's pretty cool.  Oh, it's totally free too.

Here's the link to it:
Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Supercharged Science

Get Your FREE Homeschool Science Guide With Over 30 Fun Experiments... And Your Kids Will Be So Jazzed They'll Be Begging You To Learn More! 

That headline is from the website of Supercharged Science and I found that statement to be true.  You see, I found this wonderful website and it has helped Nyasha (The Princess) and I with science. That's right , I said science, with some free, fun, science projects. You see, Nyasha loves science, (this is something that I discovered, only after her repeatedly telling me that she loves science), then I found this website where she can go to and do as many hands on science projects as she wants, and a lot of them are for free. Also. most of the supplies that you need for the projects are right in your home. That's a plus in itself.

Again, the website is called Supercharged Science. We've been using it for almost a year now, but just recently we've become e-Science members.The owners are Aurora & Jim Lipper, and they are committed to helping you help your child in the field of science, to make it less stressful for both you and your child(ren).

Go now and check out their website at:  you'll be glad you did.

Peace and Blessings,

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Doin' Laundry: The Incredible Clothesline

As a young girl  I have always enjoyed the wind and the sun on my face. It was always fun running up and down outside with my friends, playin' ball, tag, four square (remember that game?) or whatever we felt like doin' at the time. Wow, how time flies!

As a woman,  I find that I reverence the sun and the wind even more. There is something about your skin being kissed by the sun. It feels like Love. And the wind, the wind is like a full body hug, that at times feels like a massage or a sweet, sweet caress. Yeah I love myself some sun and wind. Now, that doesn't take anything away from the rain 'cuz the rain has it's place also. How else will the flowers grow and the fruit trees bare ripe plump fruit? Of course, I love the rain too, but just for now I'm gonna praises the wind and the sun 'cuz that's what I need to dry my clothes on the clothesline which is what I want to talk about.

I have had the honor of using both, a dryer and the clothesline and  I prefer the latter. Not only is it good for the environment but it is good for the clothes also. The clothes are fluffier. The color stays rich. The whites are whiter ( I sound like a commercial huh?) and the clothes, the clothes smell fresher. The clothes have been kissed by the sun and embraced by the wind. I know some of y'all are probably askin', who uses clotheslines these days? And my answer to that is people who care about and love nature. People who love the wind and the sun (like me). Probably, people who don't have a dryer. I am all of the above.

Once my clothes are finished in the washer, I head to the clothesline excitedly. Why? 'Cuz I'm outside in the sun and the wind. Oh, and I forgot to mention the grass. Ah grass. I miss all this grass. On the beach (Miami Beach, where I lived for 7 years), there was mostly concrete with splotches of grass and trees, but now that I'm back home with my Mom, grass, grass, grass! I love it! So I walk happily to the clothesline (sometimes barefoot), and begin hangin' up the clothes lovingly, happily, reverently, while the wind blows them wildly, which makes me even more happier. I know that my clothes are going to dry quickly, and most of  the wrinkles are going to come out of them which means I won't have too much ironing to do. Now, y'all gotta admit, that is a plus.

I watch my clothes flying in the wind from the window and I smile, I marvel at the site. I feel totally connect to Gaia and I salute her. Within an hour and a half or two my clothes are dry and ready to be folded and/or hung up. I smell the freshness of the clothes. I feel the warmth of them and I am completely satisfied.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: We Fly Kites Year Round

Been Goin' Through Some Thangs Y'all

I've missed coming to the computer and gettin' it all out. I've missed talking to you, sharing with you, being with you. Ya see, I've been goin' through some thangs some good, some not so good,  but I have allowed all dem thangs (my problems, challenges, whatevea you wanna call 'em) to keep me away from y'all. I allowed it to stop me from communicating, from givin', from lovin', from bein'. I went into hidin'. What for? I don't know, shame I guess.Or was it pride. I don't know what it was, all I kno' is I really, really missed y'all. I really, really missed ME.

It seemed that I just could not keep my head above water, every time I came up for air I was back down again (stayin' down longer than I wanted to), tryin' to get another breath of air. I felt defeated emotionally, super stress out  mentally, and confused spiritually. I began to whine, "why does this have to be so hard?", "why me?", "what have I done to deserve this?" and on and on and on. I whined so much I got tired of hearing myself. Then those friends call that help fuel the fire 'cause they in the same boat they looking for somebody to join their pity party. I join right in tell I had to tell myself "wait a minute, you are where you are because it is where you need to be. There is a lesson to be learned here learn it and move on. The key is learning it. Sometimes we move on before learning the lesson because we don't want to, because the lesson is too hard, too unbearable, too messy. Well, as I learned a long time ago if you don't learn the lesson it will show up again until you have learned it. It shows up in many disguises but it is the same lesson if you look at it closely you will see.

So now I've moved us off the beach back to the mainland with my Mama in the house that I grew up in. I'm still trying' to get adjusted but I am so happy to be here. Though I do miss the water on Miami Beach, on the  mainland there are trees and grass, less concrete. Now I can walk barefoot all the time!! My Mom's yard is plush like a golf course only better. The down side is that she fertilizes the grass much too often (for my taste) so I can't roll around in it nor can I plant any food but otherwise I am sooooo lovin' this!! I'm around old friends and neighbors which has a sense of community, the village atmosphere which is great for Nyasha. She loves it here as well. She was excited to move with grandma 'cause she enjoys nature also. Grandma has a big backyard for her to play in and explore. Our next step is to find activities for Nyasha in this area to participate in and also so that she can make new friends before she starts feeling too lonely.

Yeah y'all, I've started all over again. The Universe has given me another chance to do it all over again until I get the lesson, until I don't feel pressure, uncomfortable or unlovable (yeah y'all I got issues) LOL!! I've gotta pass this class 'cause I have failed so many times LOL!! Not only that, well yeah it is that, but I'm also tired of skippin' this class y'all, I gotta face it, I gotta embrace it, so that I can move on with my life.

That's 'bout it for now. Will be chattin' wit y'all real soon.

Infinite Love and Gratitude,