Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Doin' Pretty Good Thus Far, I Think?

Some time has past since the last blog (about a week or so) and I'm happy to announce that all is well (I think. Sometimes I'm still not sure), but I'm not stressin' so that's a good sign.  Nyasha has found her passion (for now) which is building with lego and k'nex along with building paper airplanes (as shown in a previous blog).  Me, I'm reading, studying, wrapping my head around new ideas (de-schooling) and going with the flow. She is very passionate about her building cars, trucks, helicopters, etc. and I enjoy watching her as she looks at the directions, finds which piece goes where and puts together a perfect model of a hummer for instance. That amazes me, truly it does.

Even though most of the lego and k'nex she's been putting together belongs to our neighbor Kevin, she's not bothered about the fact that she has to give them to him once she puts them together. As a matter of  fact, she's proud of herself when she hands him the finished product and happy that she is able to (do something he can't) and  make him happy too. So, I've decided to invest in some legos for her since she enjoys them so much. That way she can build and re-build as often as she likes. I see this new-found skill as  a precursor to knowing how to follow directions, concentration, creativity, critical thinking, comprehension, math/counting strategic thinking, and so on. Who'da thought learning could be so much fun! I know, I'm silly.

Well, I guess that's about it for now. This Mama is gooooooood!

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Sarah said...

I'm so proud that you stepped out on Faith and took this journey. I have faith in you as a Mother. I think it's a blessing you two have this time together, no matter how it came about. I'm proud of Nyasha as well for being receptive of this new way of learning. Not really new for her lol. I'm also proud as your Sister and her favorite Auntie lol to be taking this journey with the two of you. Tangela your such an Amazing and Smart Woman, I'm happy to know you. I've always been a fan lol. I check everyday to see what you wrote. I'm excited to see what's next. Much love to both of you.