Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother Earth's Gems

Mother Earth in all of her beauty and splendor. She is the Great Mother, she creates and  she destroys. She destroys what is no longer needed, or that which  needs to be replaced with stronger roots and/or foundation. Out of  the destruction comes beauty once again. She never fails to keep us in awe.

I have a love of crystals and stones. I've had this strong connection with them for sometime now, studying here and there and using them in particular ways (like laying on of stones) when my Spirit tells me to do so. Now I'm studying Crystal Healing Strategies at The Body Temple Institute. It's a 6-week coarse which will outline the healing power of crystals on the human energy field among other topics.

Our first class assignment was to take a picture of our favorite stones and/or crystals and  in doing so this morning it  inspired me to share some of  my favorite stones and crystals with you.  Enjoy!!


Also check out The Body Temple Institute for information about upcoming classes and Holistic Health and Herbal Studies

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