Saturday, May 14, 2011

Learning Happens... Sistah

It's times like these that confirms what I already know, that I have made the right decision to unschool Nyasha. Today is Sauturday and you would think that this is the day to go out and do something like go to the beach, go to the park, go bike riding etc. But Saturday for us is just another day 'cause we get to do those things during the week. We're not limited to the weekend to go out and have fun because she's in school, uh uh, we can have fun everyday of the week. I Love it!!!

So here we are on this beauty-full Saturday on sunny Miami Beach and Nyasha's in the house reading instructions on how to build a paper airplane. Why is she doing that? you ask. Let me explain. My neighbor Kevin is a kid at heart, he builds model cars and boats. But more importantly Kevin likes to have fun. So, he buys toys (mostly things that need to be put together) and some of the models that he has purchased, he has no idea how to put them together, so that's where Nyasha comes in. She loves to put things together (I didn't know that). Well, I didn't know the extent of her passion 'cuz she spent 5 years in school all day long, doing Goddess only knows what, and didn't have time to express it (I digress). Anyway, Kevin has the toys, Nyasha has the know-how, hence, Nyasha is studying the instructions. This afternoon they are putting an airplane together. Nyasha is so excited! Me too!

Learning happens all the time and it usually happens (more often that not) when the child is having fun (I'm gettin' this, I'm slow but I'm sure). I enjoy watching her while she's contemplating what to do next, or which piece goes where, it's really a pleasure to watch. She's very intense during this process so I'm very careful not to disturb. Shhhhhhhhhh!

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Great post! You have such a beautiful daughter. I am a new fan from Bloggy Moms.