Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pinwheels In Pajamas

It had been raining all day on sunny Miami Beach on this particular day, but that didn't stop Nyasha from keeping herself entertained while I worked on my new business venture (I don't know if I told y'all I found a direct sales business that I decided to try, more on that later). This day in particular, Nyasha stayed in her pajamas all day.  We both get like that sometimes where we lounge around all day in our pj's,  and read or watch movies all day. On these pajama days we also eat junk food, chips, veggie patties, popcorn, toast cheese sandwiches, anything that does not require me stand at the stove. This day, in her pj's, she decided, that she would make pinwheels. So she checked google for directions on "how to make pinwheels",  chose the one she wanted to make, checked to see if we had all the materials that she needed  (which wasn't much) and began to make her pinwheels.

I decided to join in the fun and made a pinwheel myself.  In an instant, that little activity took me back to my childhood,  in a time when I loved pinwheels (I had forgotten about how much I loved pinwheels). I always had  pinwheels especially in the summer. I remember making them, but I also remember my Mama buying them for me whenever I went to the store with her.  I'd ask her to buy me a pinwheel, she'd call me "a pain in the neck" and buy I for me anyway. Once I got home I'd take my myself and my pinwheel outside and blow and run until I tire myself out. That was fun!  Being transformed to my childhood helped me see Nyasha's delight in making the pinwheels and playing with them. I could overstand exactly how she was feeling at the time, which filled me with joy, fun, delight, and laughter. I also overstand the joy and simplicity in the life of Nyasha and all children and how they see beauty, fun and delight in everything. How the simplest of things make them happy. Yeah, I got all that from making one pinwheel. Amazing isn't it, how you can get so much out of so little.  

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