Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Mold Experiment

Nyasha did a mold experiment a few weeks ago to find out in what conditions do mold grow. We needed three slices of bread and three ziploc bags for the experiment. This experiment can be found on Each of the slices of bread were placed in the ziploc bags and placed in different areas of the house. In a sunny area. In the refrigerator. In a dark area with a little water on the slice of bread. Here are the results:

Placed in a sunny area

In the refrigerator

 Placed in a dark area with a little water inside

Within one weeks time,  the slice of bread that was placed in a dark area had begun to mold. In two week it looked like the photo above.  Nyasha's hypothesis stated that the slice of bread in the refrigerator would mold faster than the other slices. I know it's hard to believe, but sometimes she is wrong.  This was one of those times. She enjoyed doing the experiment and religiously checked her slices every morning to see if any mold had arrived. Surprisingly the other two slices of bread did not mold at all. 

Since we're vegan we don't eat white bread so we used wheat and spelt. I'm curious to find out if  white bread will mold faster than wheat or spelt. My hypothesis is that white bread molds faster than spelt or wheat. Nyasha and I are gonna do another mold experiment with white bread and wheat or spelt bread at a later date, just as soon as I  get up the nerve to borrow a slice of white bread from one of my neighbors.

Infinite Love and Gratitude to you all!

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ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Experimenting ~ that is how we learn ~ Great Job! ~ thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog ~ enjoy the day ^_^