Monday, July 25, 2011

Health Issues

We were quiet this weekend 'cause Nyasha wasn't feeling well. She's still recovering today. You see, Nyasha has asthma, and as active as she is, sometimes it does get her down. It comes when we least expect it. We still don't know exactly what triggers it but it's a combination of things like dust, mold, dogs, cats, chemicals, cigarette smoke, weather, etc. We're working on it wholisticly as well as traditionally.  I think this attack was brought on by dust which left her feeling  "ill" (as she says) and lethargic with not much of an appetite, 'cause honey let me tell ya, that chile can eat .

This dust situation, I know I know, I'll dust more often especially places where she comes in constant contact. I don't store things under the bed anymore 'cause of the dust build up and I sweep and mop under there often. I'm gonna do better 'cause I hate to see her suffering. The dust that she came in contact with was on the shelf that held the videos that she was watching earlier that day, by the evening she was telling me that her chest was hurting. It brought her to tears. I felt her pain. I almost in tears myself but I had to keep my composure. She gave herself a treatment to relieve the pain. Eventually the pain subsided.

So we laid around most of Saturday. I had to finish washing clothes so I did that in between lying 'round with Nyasha. We watched videos most of the day. By the time Sunday rolled around she felt better and as the day went on she got even better. That in turn made me feel better.

This morning, she's playing quietly with her Littlest Pet Shop toys. She hasn't eaten breakfast yet but her Spirit is uplifted. She's much better than the other day, she even looks better! There will be no beach today and she's okay with that.

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