Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life Is A Beach! Part 2

Today it's scorchin' hot, it's a whoppin' 92 degrees. We woke up too late this morning to make our trip to the beach, but these are scenes from the other day. We may go to the beach later in the day, but for now it's too, too hot. With that heat comes humidity which makes it even hotter. Nyasha was outside earlier practicing catching a ball with a baseball mitt and she stayed outside for about 15 minutes or so, when she came back in she was drenched in sweat. That's what humidity will do. She did not stay out there long.

I told y'all that we decided that we were going to be "beach bums" this summer, and so far I'd say we've done a pretty good job at it. Well, at least we are taking full advantage of the fact that we live four or five blocks away. When I worked outside the home, we (or should I say ), I did not have the time to enjoy this beauty-full wonder that the Mother has bestowed upon us, 'cause there were other things that needed to be done that were more important, (so I thought), and that lifestyle did not afford me to do so. In other words I just didn't make the time. Even though I knew how much Nyasha enjoyed the beach, I felt that the neighborhood pool would suffice. It did, only for a while.

This unschooling journey has taught me to "be in the moment", to trust Nyasha (getting better at it), trust myself (which I'm still workin' on, y'all I got issues),  and it's taught me to go wherever the learning takes us. Which, by the way, is anywhere our hearts desire. That's why we decided to make the beach a part of our daily living, to go there, and "be" like it's second nature. I'm becoming more in tuned to that. I'm learning to "just be".

Being, and not doing feels great! It's the remembering that's the hardest part. The knowing when and how, that makes it extremely challenging.  But,we humans make things so difficult don't we? I'ts really simple, all we have to do is just do it. When I follow Nyasha's lead it's easy.

I'm grateful to have Nyasha in my life, she brings so much insight, beauty, joy delight, pleasure, happiness, clarity, smiles, serendipity, wonder, spontaneity and lots and lots of unconditional love into my otherwise drab life. I find myself constantly learning about myself, about my life, about just about everything.

So, life is truly a beach, then you evolve.
Blessed Love!

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ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

These are wonderful ~ and so much learning can take place at the beach ~ (when it is not too hot) ~ It is hot in MA also ~ so 'laying low' and creating in the house with the a/c ~ even my little doggie is not liking the heat! namaste, Carol